my oppa :"]
Sunday, September 26, 2010 1:06 AM

Yeah you've heard me :')
I love my oppa [ Jang Geun Suk ] :P
Hahahaha ..

Libre naman mangarap XD

Just then , I watched the music videos he made .
Then I already falled XD
Haahaha ..

What else I can do ?
EM A FAN you know !

Just like other fan I also support him :O
but not soo much ..

If i just have lots of money in my little palm.
I would personally go to Korea and hunt him :)
Just an autograph will do .

- Oh by the way ,
Just wanna share ..

Im just very nervous this coming friday ..
You know why ?
I will report in front of the class ..
I know its just a little problem but i have an "REPORT ALLERGY SYSTEM" haha ..

oops. got to go ;)

- Love you my Oppa ! :">

He's the STAR of my life :O ♥

--♥ Can you hear me?

조금만 아파도 눈물나요.
가슴이 소리쳐요.
그대 앞을 그대 곁을 지나면
온통 세상이 그대인데
그대만 그리는데
그대 앞에선 숨을 죽여요
-Can you hear me, Jang Geun Suk

--♥ Yours Truly

Im just a GIRL
Who ♥ Jang Geun Suk MY OPPAAAAA :">
Yeah U heard hes MINE !
in my Dreams :[

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