Zsazsa's birthday :)
Saturday, October 9, 2010 6:12 AM

Wow !
i never believed that i came to zsazsa's house :')
I saw some fourth years students
even zyron is there
some varsity but i didn't see my crush O.o haha

Actually its zsazsa's birthday is yesterday
but she celebrated it today :)
meeting some varsities is a pleasure..
i mean you couldn't just say Hi or make them friends with you
imagine a simple young student making friends with all basketball varsity
COOl huh ? :P

Mico mendoza is my crush now .
Don't know
He's just Tall , Dark , Handsome
they call him like that
but actually zsazsa will introduce him to me at the party
but he never came
Jaja and Mico doesn't came to the party
don't know why :'(
its just soo sad ..

But im not inlove with him :P

At 3:00 Pm today
i already go to the meeting place i am the early one to go but its ok .
When i left home its actually raining but when i went to the party it stop :)

When Yowi,Raezia , Audrey , Rikki , Von , Jess , Jehlo , Rusel , Jerald came
we were fetched by Justine's Babasa's pick-up car ..
Cause zsazsa's family car is used by her mother .

I ate Spaghetti and lots and lots of Chocolate syrup with matching Stick-O
They have Chocolate Fountain omg ! love it !

Then I met some other kids at different schools , the one is kinda handsome
name is Rej ? i think .
its kinda sounded like that .

But yowi's face is the most pretty of all :)

Soo we just have fun but i didn't see him though ..
Bye :)

He's the STAR of my life :O ♥

my oppa :"]
Sunday, September 26, 2010 1:06 AM

Yeah you've heard me :')
I love my oppa [ Jang Geun Suk ] :P
Hahahaha ..

Libre naman mangarap XD

Just then , I watched the music videos he made .
Then I already falled XD
Haahaha ..

What else I can do ?
EM A FAN you know !

Just like other fan I also support him :O
but not soo much ..

If i just have lots of money in my little palm.
I would personally go to Korea and hunt him :)
Just an autograph will do .

- Oh by the way ,
Just wanna share ..

Im just very nervous this coming friday ..
You know why ?
I will report in front of the class ..
I know its just a little problem but i have an "REPORT ALLERGY SYSTEM" haha ..

oops. got to go ;)

- Love you my Oppa ! :">

He's the STAR of my life :O ♥

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